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Kings Throne in The Great Tower of Dover Castle
Secret Wartime Tunnels under Dover Castle
Medieval Tunnels
Royal Regiment Museum

Dover Castle known as 'The Key to England' has over 2000 Years of History, from an Iron Age fort, Roman lighthouse and Saxon church to the Castle that is seen today with the massive Great Tower built by Henry II.

Dover Castle is one of the greatest and most famous of European fortresses, its position as a frontier defence ensuring it an important place in British history. Dover Castle strategically sited, guarding the nearest landing point to mainland Europe, made it an emphatic statement of medieval royal power, highly visible across the Straits of Dover. Its unbroken active service as a castle and fortress stretches over more than nine centuries, from the invasion of William the Conqueror to the age of the nuclear missile, from the autumn of 1066 to 1958.

Want to know where this is and what it is ?
Book your place on the Friends only tour of Dumpy – the lower levels of the Tunnels at Dover Castle which were to be used as a Regional Seat of Government in the event of a Nuclear War. Dumpy is not open to the public and special tours are quite rare, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to have a free guided tour. Tuesday 13th October 2015 at 6pm. Those attending will have to sign a disclaimer that they are fit enough to ascend the steep staircase in the event of an evacuation or loss of power to the lift. The Tour will be for approximately 1 hour.
This is a limited tour so you must book through the chairman –

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Wed 21 Oct 2015

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