These are sprecial tours into the lowest accessible tunnels deep underneath the cliffs which were set up and to be utilised as the Regional Centre of Government in the event of a nuclear war.   Not only would government officials be accommodated here, deep below the White Cliffs of Dover but also all the strands of our military and armed forces, Police and Emergency services, tradesmen, communications and other personnel deemed important and necessary should there be a nuclear attack on Britain would be housed in DUMPY - living and working underground.  


Fortunately, DUMPY was never needed but has remained a secret place, only recently being opened up and no longer subject to the Official Secrets Act.


English Heritage organise some special tours to EH members but there is a charge for these - usually in the region of £20-£40 per person.   We run Free tours to Dumpy - courtesy of Dover Castle management and staff and they are always popular.   Think about it - family membership (equivalent) is only £39 - less than a Dumpy Tour ticket for EH Members - surely this is yet another great example of why you should join the Friends!