As a Charity the Law does not stipulate that we must be insured as it is unlikely we would ever be liable for any damages or compensation claims. We do not own the buildings we operate in and we do not employ staff or own property as such.  However, we felt it prudent to ensure we were covered against the potential for anyone to seek damages or sue us in a Court of Law.  We have therefore taken out Public Liability Insurance - as we run tours and events at the Castle and in  addition we have enusred Trustees are not liable for costs or damages by also taking out Trustees, Employers and Management indemnities.

This gives us more than adequate insurance to cover all potential eventualities and more than most charities take out. 

Anyone joining as a member and attending events and tours can be safe in teh knowledge we are covered and any member wishing to be a Trustee can also be safe in the knowledge Trustees are fully covered so there will never be a Trustee held liable individually - unless personally guilty of any offence under UK Legislation.


Insurance Certificate 

Renewal Letter

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