I normally try to organise several different special events each year, which take in parts of the Castle not generally open to the Public.  These include. DUMPY; Behind Locked Doors; Hudson's Passage and East Demi Bastion; Constables Tower.   I am also trying to organise a paranormal night time event.

We also organise fundraising quizzes and a Christmas Carol Concert where a local primary school perform for us in St Mary In Castro Church.


I will post special tours and events on here - please bear with me as I am currently recovering from major ankle surgery so I am immobile for a while.


All tours are courtesy of Dover Castle as members of staff have to be present and all are agreed with managers well in advance. 


We have already held a Dumpy tour this year but unfortunately have had to cancel the Hudsons Passage Tour on 19th July, although we will try to hold it later in the year.  Behind locked doors should go ahead as planned in September.