The Fortress Dover Project was a major project funded by English Heritage and the Heritage Lottery Fund and also by The Friends.  HLF provided matched funding of £250,000 approx for a 3 year project which would transform the building colloquially known as Admiralty Lookout.  The Fire Command Post and Port War Signal Station were re-interpreted to how they would have looked at the start of WW1. Much of the buildng was conserved and restored and features 100 year old panels although some had to be replaced but the look is essentially a century old !


​The outside of the building still looks a grey drab building courtesy of the second world war concrete blast walls of 1940, but inside there now features information panels, models of how the buidling has been transformed over the years and interactive features to enhance visitor expeience.


​The building was initially a three part Gun Battery with three guns facing out to sea from the top of the cliffs ! 


​The cornerstone of the project was the installation of a genuine WW1 Anti-Aircraft Gun of the same type used around Dover during the Great War. This had been sited at Pendennis Castle but this project enabled it to be moved, repaired and installed at Dover Castle. The Friends paid £6000 for the restoration and installation of the Gun



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Fortress Dover


Admiralty Lookout