I have been working hard behind the scenes to make the Friends more fit for purpose and to have a higher profile and be more influential.  English Heritage have gone through quite a lot of significant changes nonphilanthropye moreso than becoming a self sustaining charity in their own right. This means that Government provided funds will cease over a period of time from whence they must be able to run themselves without government financial aid.   This will mean projects needing to source grants from organisations such as The National Lottery.   Dover Castle is the second most visited English Heritage property, behind Stone Henge, and features highly within the Master Plan.  English Heritage are working hard with partners and stakeholders to address the issue of car parking as ideally, there would be no parking on site.


As an association set up to support and promote the Castle, we can play a more important role especially within fundraising inotiatives and also to perhaps offer enhanced visitor experiences within Dover Castle.


Over the next year I am hoping we will be able to achieve these goals:-



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Graham has recently been rewarded for submitting a bid in the latest DDC Community Grant Scheme. He attended the Awards ceremony recently after being selected as one of the winners and secured a £500 grant for his latest project for the Friends of Dover Castle.


In an attempt to increase membership and reach wider audiences he has devised Project JOIN US - JOIN IN which he hopes will help to achieve both those aims. The grant will go towards the purchse of equipment such as a quality projector and portable PA system


Graham with the award 

Graham with the other winners at the Awards ceremony.  The DDC Community Grants scheme made grants of over £23000 to a variety of types of organisations many of whom find the money vital to be able to continue to serve their communities.  In times of austerity it is encouraging to know that these grants are not being curtailed as they are seen as vitally important.


Graham has also recently attended Dementia Awareness Training and has signed the Friends of Dover Castle up to local Dementia Initiatives including being Dementia Friendly. 










I am pleased to advise members that we have been donated 20 copies of a new novel by American writer Elizabetta Holcomb who is currently publishing a series titled Dover's Amalgam, which are based around Dover Castle.  The first in the series is The Guardian. I now have copies of the sequel - Category Jeremy.   These have been advertised on Amazon at £8.95 each but I am able to offer these at £5 per copy to members on a first come, first served basis.  All proceeds will be spent at the Castle - towards projects enhancing the visitor experience.  To get your hands on a copy please email me -